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Our experienced management team are stewarding a high growth premier fluid management and environmental solutions company.

Executive Team

clearbakk chief executive officer dan huras

Chief Executive Officer

Dan has over 30 years experience in Management, Project Development, Finance and Accounting. In his most relevant experience he was the architect and President of the Sapphire Group, a company active in both water and wastewater. He has also been the Chief Financial Officer for Swan Hills Synfuels, the Mancal Group, and Verdant Energy Ltd., a renewable energy company. Prior to that, he was with TransCanada Corporation for 16 years in a variety of increasingly senior positions, including the senior Financial Officer in TransCanada International.

clearbakk chief operating officer les jonson

Chief Operating Officer

Les has over 15 years of industry experience in various roles working directly for Canada’s largest oil & gas producers as well as in the services sector. Before joining ClearBakk, he was Group Lead, Production Engineering for Cenovus Energy. He was responsible for leading a staff of engineers to optimize a 120,000 bbl/d SAGD field of over 400 wells.

Les also spent several years managing annual drilling programs of over 300 wells and has overseen the successful planning and execution of over 1000 shallow gas, CBM, SAGD and evaluation wells in Alberta.