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What Makes ClearBakk

There are significant growth opportunities within all ClearBakk's market segments.

Demand for Fluid Management and Environmental Solutions

Water and energy are interdependent as water is essential to energy resource development.

Increasing Services Intensity

Increased activity in the Alberta oil sands and global horizontal drilling technology has ‘unlocked’ tremendous oil, NGL and natural gas reserves while increasing the demand for water and fluid management . Operators must manage their process fluids and produced water in a cost-effective manner that complies with regulatory requirements. ClearBakk specializes in custom fluid treatment technologies and solutions.

Increasing Demand for HS&E

Water issues are independent to commodity prices due to environmental requirements and regulatory initiatives that are being implemented to protect groundwater and as such increase the demand on waste water and process fluids treatment and handling services.

New Opportunities

clearbakk oil sands opportunities

Oil Sands Opportunities

Mature Fine Tailings

Oil sands mining operations produce significant quantities of liquid waste materials called tailings. The standard industry practice has been to pump oil sands tailings into large settling ponds.

The heaviest material—mostly sand—settles to the bottom, separating from the top layer of water which can be recycled. The middle layer, known as mature fine tailings (“MFT”) is comprised of about 70% water and 30% fine clay. Left on its own, the MFT could take centuries to solidify.

In 2009, Alberta Energy Resources and Conservation Board (ERCB), released new rules on the reclamation of tailings waste. Directive 074: Tailings Performance Criteria and Requirements for Oil Sands Mining Schemes.

As one of the major oil sands producers, Syncrude Canada has implemented a multi-pronged approach to manage its MFT and comply with Directive 074 and has contracted ClearBakk as a service provider to meet this challenge.

ClearBakk provided our PolyPak as part of Syncrude Canada’s reclamation of the tailings ponds. This process uses water treatment chemicals and the ClearBakk PolyPak to treat the MFT.

Waste Water Opportunity

Frac source water and flow back conditioning

Solids removal from produced water is a major issue in the oil and gas industry. The industry has been dominated by old technologies, including settling systems, media filtration, hydrocyclones, cartridge filters, and bag filters.

ClearBakk supplies specifically engineered fluid treatment packages to remove solids from difficult-to-treat feed streams. This technology utilizes:

  • Particle separation by hydrocyclone for large particle removal
  • Cross-flow membrane filtration for smaller particle removal
  • A constant self-cleaning mechanism that virtually eliminates the need for backwash cycles

ClearBakk has developed a frac flow-back solution that uses proven technology to provide an integrated unit for removal of heavy metals, suspended solids and chlorides allowing the reuse and recycle of treatment fluids.

ClearBakk sees this as a significant opportunity to immediately deploy proven technology and provide fluid management solutions for the energy industry.

These technologies can also be used for various other applications.